Font Size

The font-size CSS property sets the size of the font.

Font size converted "px" to → "rem"

For responsive

add -sm, -md, -lg or -xl to class name, for example:

<div class="fs12 fs14-md fs16-lg"></div>

Class Name Properties Preview
.fs-i font-size: inherit; size inherit
.fs8 font-size: .5rem; size 8px
.fs12 font-size: .75rem; size 12px
.fs14 font-size: .875rem; size 14px
.fs16 font-size: 1rem; size 16px
.fs18 font-size: 1.125rem; size 18px
.fs24 font-size: 1.5rem; size 24px
.fs32 font-size: 2rem; size 32px
.fs40 font-size: 2.5rem; size 40px
.fs48 font-size: 3rem; size 48px
.fs56 font-size: 3.5rem; size 56px
.fs64 font-size: 4rem; size 64px
.fs80 font-size: 5rem; size 80px
.fs100 font-size: 6.25rem; 100px