The height CSS property specifies the height of an element.

For responsive

add -sm, -md, -lg or -xl to class name, for example:

<div class="h16 h24-md"></div>

Class Properties Preview
.ha height: auto;
.hfull height: 100%;
.h100vh height: 100vh;
.h0 height: 0;
.h8 height: 0.5rem;
.h16 height: 1rem;
.h24 height: 1.5rem;
.h32 height: 2rem;
.h40 height: 2.5rem;
.h48 height: 3rem;
.h56 height: 3.5rem;
.h64 height: 4rem;
.h72 height: 4.5rem;
.h80 height: 5rem;
.h100 height: 6.25rem;